Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Better Than Candy, Substitute Grapes for Weight Loss

We are definitely starting to see the first inklings of fall here in Michigan.  The days are shorter, the shadows are longer, and most nights are starting to bring a chill.  If you are like me and share the house with others that are not trying to lose weight, then this is also a season for candy and treats.  Since I am still fighting the weight loss battle, I thought I would share an idea that helps me avoid the ubiquitous sweets-substitute with sweet red grapes.  Now of course they do have sugar and calories, so you cannot go crazy eating them, but they sure do hit the spot for me.  Let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks Paul, I have heard of frozen grapes before, but have never tried them. And I just bought grapes today. So I guess it is time to try them.

    1. The good part about eating them frozen is that it takes me much longer than when unfrozen so I seem to eat fewer. Hope you try them and like them!

  2. Cherry Tomatoes are another good nibble. I often have a 1 pound tray next to me to nibble on when I need a little extra sustenance. And no, I dont eat the whole box in 1 sitting but return the remainder to the fridge.