Friday, September 30, 2011

Losing Weight For Health

I have started a new habit. Yep, and I am happy about it.  See we often think of habits as bad because they often are.  But with a little determination, it is possible to start a good habit.  From looking at several articles, there doesn't seem to be a concrete amount of time needed to form a new habit.  However, it seems that consistency and repetition are key.

Well my new habit is actually working out on the elliptical.  Its easy.  Well, not the workout, but getting in the habit of working out.  My plan was simple-make it fun so I will want to do it.  Let's face it, working out isn't always enjoyable. And if I don't enjoy something, I can find about a million good reasons why I don't need to do that something. So, I placed my elliptical machine right in the room with the TV.  Yep, I am serious about this weight loss now.  Guess what?  It really works.  So now when I come in to watch TV instead of plopping down in the chair, I get on the machine.  If it's an interesting show, I get so engrossed in it that I hardly notice I'm exercising.

This is one weight loss tip I wanted to pass along.  It is working for me, and just maybe something like it can work for you too.  I do know dieting and exercising are hard. So if there is anything that will make them more palatable then that's got to be a good thing.  Maybe, you need to buy an Ipod to take with you so you will keep doing your workout?  I don't know, but I think we should do whatever it takes to help us not to quit. Let's face it, we are dealing with our lives here, and we are worth it!!!  Have you found any tips that are helping you in your journey.  I sure would like to hear them in the comments.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Losing Weight with Pizza

So yeah, for  You might say, "No wonder you are the Fat Man, Paul.  You didn't even make it a day since your big introduction and you are already falling off the wagon!".  Well just hold on and let me do some explaining...

Normally, I bake a frozen pizza--and eat it---ALL.  Yep, all.  Not good, yes?  But today, I cut the frozen pizza into eight teeny, tiny, little pieces and ate---ONE...Yes, just one and put the rest away.  And by the way, I have learned to put it away and fast!  If it's sitting on the counter top, I'm going to eat it plain and simple.  I can't have that temptation so I stick it in the frig fast.  For me, out of sight, out of mind

So with some simple Fat Man math, I ate one eighth of what I usually eat.  Throw in a salad and a bunch of water and I was good.  No hunger.  Since two weeks of smaller portions, my stomach (the organ not my belly yet) seems to have shrunk to the point where it no longer needs a raft of food to feel full.

For dinner I may have a bowl of cereal or chili.  A bowl as in one not the usual three or four!!!  Mix in me eating some fruit here and there, going some on the elliptical, and that's me fed and happy and losing weight today.

Well that's my plan.  I'm sure it's not perfect, but I guess I have to start somewhere...What's your plan? I would really like to hear it!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weight Loss Journey An INTRODUCTION

The Intro: 

Hello and welcome to Fat Man Writing!!!!  Since this is my first post, I think a little introduction is in order. From what I have seen in the movies, I should start by looking around the room and saying, "Hello, I'm Paul and I have an eating problem..."   So basically, I'm 45 years old and you guessed it: another Fat Man with too much free time and a laptop!!!  Yes, I like to eat.  No, scratch that, in all honesty actually I LOVE to eat!!!!  However- here, together, we are going to work on the eating problem--or really, the over eating problem. I just started my weight loss journey two weeks ago with the start of my channel on Youtube. 

The Numbers:
So I am about 6 feet tall.  I weight 305lbs.  I started vlogging at 311 lbs.  My highest weight was 335 lbs.  Ya, so I have a long way to go!!!

The Plan:
So, I love to eat...  I'm not going to quit that so I have come up with a totally new and never thought of before idea:  I'm going to continue to eat what I want--but, but, here is the new part (at least for me): I"m going to eat LESS of what I love to eat.  Now, if you take this totally new idea and write a book and make a million dollars on it, remember to throw a few buck to the Fat Man.  Ok, so that's the plan for me.  Let"s see how the story goes together, and maybe have a few chuckles along the way.