Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Of Cookies and Pies

It seems as if fall is making a stand for real up here in Michigan.  There are several things that bear witness to that fact.  The colors are in full effect, the days are getting cooler, and the nights longer.  I can add one more proof of fall and that is the fun of baking when the house is a little chilly in the morning.  There is nothing better that sitting down with a coffee in the morning, snuggling up to the laptop to do some reading while enjoying the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven.  Acknowledging that summer is over is always a bittersweet thing for me.  As much as I love summer, fall is a magical time also.  It sure was a good feeling to break out the old apple peeler that had been sitting on the shelf since last fall.  Tonight I just finished baking a raft of chocolate chip cookies.  Boy, it sure seems like fall can be a dangerous time for my waistline, it's a good thing it only comes around once a year!  What do you like to bake in fall???


  1. Mmm I can smell the cookies and pie now! I like to make my apple crumb cake in the fall. Pretty well anything apple is good!

    1. I have never had apple crumb cake, but boy it sure sounds good!!

  2. Grandma's Christmas cake. It needs to steep in booze-wrapped cheesecloth for 12 weeks, so they are done and doused with brandy already :)