Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold and Hungry

Well, as expected, it is still cold in Michigan.  Every winter makes me more determined to retire to the South.  Somewhere where it is warm and with long beaches for metal detecting!!

The first days of weight loss are going OK, as long as being hungry is OK LOL!  It is OK and even a nice reminder that I am actually doing something positive for my health.  I am kinda proud of a few hunger pangs.  They are talking about it hitting the 50's this weekend!  Woo hoo.  Looking forward to getting outside some.  I know such thinking is just folly here in Michigan, but is it too early to think winter might be winding down....


  1. Bring on the warm. They are calling for it here in MD also....I NEED a warm weekend! :-)

    Last week I had some hunger pangs and some growling of the stomach. I announced it to my coworkers because I was so proud of my efforts. (my coworkers are very supportive of my efforts)

  2. I am hoping to get our Christmas lights down tomorrow now that the snow seems to be melting. I really don't like winter :-(

    1. I am with you. I can live with snow for Christmas, but I would be willing to trade it for the early springs of the South!! Thanks for commenting!