Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weight Loss Comedy A Fun Look at Portions

I have been on my weight loss journey for four months now and I am starting to learn the ropes so to speak.  I remember when I first started to take note of the number of calories.  You know the drill, turn the food item over to look at the nutritional information..  Of coarse if you are getting older like me this means you have to look over your glasses to read the fine print because I refuse to get progressives (a nice name for bi-focals).  Then you see the number of calories.  But it doesn't stop there.  If it's a can of soup that you plan to eat, you must now do the math!!!  Multiply the number of servings in the can (usually some odd number like 2.5) times the calories.  Wow, to a fat guy like me with a life long habit of overeating, it seems the little can of food has about half the calories I should eat for the day. LOL!  So in this sense, I made this video a while back that is looking at proper portions from the eyes of this fat guy.  Remember, it is just a joke and not serious...hope you enjoy!


  1. Yep. Sometimes the portions do feel just just that small! Uh-hmmm. And as far as the cereal goes, sometimes they ARE that small.

    More than once I've looked at the portion size on a package and thought, "Really?!" I mean, does anyone eat ONE HALF of a cup of pasta?



  2. Hi paul,your blog page looks nice! I chuckled about the glasses thing since I have to put mine on to see the small print:) I have numerous great recipes on my healthy food blog now that me and my hubby use and have invented myself. My hubby needs to lose 50# and he loves the recipes! Take care

  3. Forgot to put my website name

  4. Like the part about the Pepperoni must hang over the sides of the piece - had a good chuckle from that.
    Thanks for stopping by our blog! Enjoy your weekend and cheers to your continued success!