Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vacation For Some of Us

Hello friends, just a quick update.  Weight wise I have been in a 1-2 pound range for like forever.  I keep bouncing between 283-284 so nothing new and exciting there.

My wife and the kids went on a mini vacation for a couple of days to a horse show in Ohio and museums and an aquarium in Kentucky.  I am baby sitting our 2 large, spoiled dogs, not to mention my son's bearded dragon and 3 tanks of fish.  Of course I have been working like crazy on projects around the house.  They have my video camera, so I haven't been blogging because I like to do a blog/vlog combo usually LOL.  They should be back tonight so things should be back to normal soon.  I hope you are all out enjoying the weather.  I look forward to getting back in the swing of things.  Biking alone without my son is not as much fun!


  1. I've been stuck in a loop too :(. I enjoy biking with my kids too. Bet you will be glad to have your family home.

  2. house all to yourself?? yeah....not as much fun as people make it out to be. it was 80 degrees here on friday....and today we got 3 inches of snow :-(

    1. OMG that is crazy weather. I guess you wont be bike riding today!! Anyway, my wife answered your plate question. I don't know if you saw it so I will paste it here:

      Thanks for asking about my plate. The one with the flowers in the middle and gold rim also belonged to my grandmother. My mom had a set too, and I believe they got them from a grocery store (A & P). They may have used "green stamps" to buy them. There are no maker marks on the back, but they most likely were made in the US in the 1950's-1960's. Paul's wife, Donna

    2. Yes, I just did a second ago :-) Thanks again!

  3. Do you live in a zoo! That's loads of animals! haha