Monday, April 2, 2012

Raspberry Keytone for Weight Loss 2 - My Thoughts

I really appreciate the response from my last post on Raspberry Keytone.  The Raspberry Keytone post is by far my most viewed post ever already.  Evidently, this is a topic of interest to many.  However, by far the overwhelming thought in the comments is negative.  I think this is good because we can put out ideas here in a respectful manner and have a discussion over things we may not be 100 % in agreement on.  I just want to explain where my thinking is in the video.  It's hard to explain because in many ways I have been and STILL am in your camp on this.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.  This is a big change for my thinking and I am not sure I understand it myself.  It is probably just desperation on my part, but what if they would work?  Please watch and let me know where I am wrong and help me understand why I seem to be changing my mind?  Thanks for your time and for your help!!


  1. I honestly have never heard of this. It sounds pretty interesting though.

    1. Hi Holly, If you look at the post right before this one, it has the link to the Dr Oz show where he talks about this. It is pretty interesting and worth the look. Someone said they reran this same episode today also.