Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weight Loss Update Sorry readers...

Sorry readers, but I must confess I have been withholding from you!   Have I been eating through my secret stash of Snickers bars?  Have I been bingeing on bread, potatoes, or peanut butter???  No, but I would like to.  ;-)  No, actually I have been withholding information.  Not on purpose mind you, but totally inadvertently and innocently.  You see, this is a weight loss blog, but I don't often talk about my weight.  Here.  All this information is posted on my Youtube channel and I talk about it ad nauseum on my videos.  I simply didn't want to be redundant here.   However, it has just started dawning on me that many of my readers here don't watch my videos, and many of my viewers on YT don't read me here.  So I need to make it a point to keep my weight loss blog updated about my weight!!!  And I intend to.  Maybe I will get around to getting one of those cute counters for the blog, but for now I will cut and paste a table from my YT channel.  As always I appreciate you spending a little of your time with me and I always enjoy your comments.
Date        Weight     Weekly Gain/Loss            Total Gain/Loss
9/11/11      311            

9/18/11      307               -4                                       -4
9/25/11      305               -2                                       -6
10/2/11      300               -5                                       -11
10/9/11      297               -3                                       -14
10/16/11    295               -2                                       -16
10/23/11    294               -1                                       -17
10/30/11    294                0                                       -17
11/6/11      291               -3                                       -20  
11/13/11    291                0                                       -20
11/20/11    290               -1                                       -21
11/27/11    292               2                                        -19
12/4/11      288               -4                                       -23


  1. Hey, you've made great progress!! Way to go!

  2. funny how theres that disconnect from weight loss blogs and vlogs right? Once upon a time I used to do vlogs but they took too long to edit and I abandoned them altogether once life got busy. Blogging is so much easier for me and not to play favorites but I've gotten a LOT more support from my blog than I ever did on vlogs. Kudos to you for being able to stick to both :0) You get the best of both worlds!!

  3. I usually watch your videos if you post them on here but that's probably because I follow your blog and I rarely use YouTube apart from when people send me links.

    Great job your doing so far and even better to see you gain and then show brilliant 'bouncebackability' (is that even a word?! haha)

  4. Wow, Paul, you are doing great!!! Congrats!! Keep it up!!