Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dieting and Diabetes

As Mark Twain wrote, "the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated".  You are not rid of me yet! I did not fall  into a diabetic coma after eating more than I should have of the chocolate cake in my last post.  No, I have just been writing on a few of my other blogs and got behind here.

Of coarse diabetes is no joke.  I was diagnosed with it several years ago.  Fortunately, I have so far been able to keep it under control with pills and have not needed to take insulin.  My fear of needing the daily shots limits my cheating and splurges much better than my willpower.  When I do  splurge, I am careful to follow up by hitting the exercise a little harder and being very careful with my next meals.  I know it sounds convoluted- and it is, but it works.  The only good thing about diabetes is seeing the drastic effect of certain foods on your blood sugar levels.  You can read all about bread and pasta elevating your sugar levels, but until you test track it with you own blood, you miss that intimate, personal knowledge that really hits home.

Some readers were worried that I would fall off the wagon, that I would quit.  Let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth.  As I write this my every intention is to keep on keeping on.  I don't lose weight fast, but I am no way going to give up the hard fought for gains (losses, really lol).  I have come too far and have put too much effort into the journey just to quit.  I may falter from time to time, but I will never give up.  This person who is 50 pounds less than my highest weight is who I am.  This person who eats less and healthier than before is not a phase, but who I have become and who I plan to continue to work on.

P.S   I thought I would just give a real brief history for some of my newest readers.  My highest weight was 335 a couple of years ago.  I got down to 311 when I decided to start vloging about weight loss  in September 2011.  I am currently at 282 and have been stuck for a couple of weeks.  I will be so glad to get out of the 280's!  Maybe  I should stay away from cake??

P.S.S.  It seems like Blogger was having some issues with comments.  I know I replied to a bunch yesterday.  They posted then today they were gone.  So, I started re-replying then I thought if the first relies went through, everyone will think I am really more nuts than I am.  So, I just quit.  So if you got 2 replies, or no replies, I am sorry, I tried.  I love all your comments and always like to say something back to at least to acknowledge your time for commenting.  Thanks so much for your readership!


  1. I'm right there with you Paul.

    My weight loss got to a point where I was able to go off all of my diabetes meds. While that was and is great, it also has me envisioning my life on a tightrope with no safety net. I have to watch what I eat, and how much I exercise -- there are no meds in my system to make up for a lack of willpower. It's just me.

    You have this in you too. You've already achieved successes others dream about.

    1. Wow, that is really awesome and something that I aspire to!

  2. No one is 100% all the time, what's important is that when you never take that as a reason to quit! You aren't quitting so you are a step ahead & moving in the right direction all while learning that it's ok to have those little indulgences.... as long as you work them in & work them out:-)

    1. Right, I cannot quit because I have been there before and I don't like it!

    2. It annoys me that diabetes is still SO misunderstood. My husband is diabetic. Normally when I tell people, they assume that my hubby is overweight like me. He's not, he's tall and slim and probably 140lbs at most. He needs daily insulin shots to keep his blood sugars under control and to pay close attention to carbs as well as sugar in the diet. A diet isn't necessarily about weight loss but about eating to keep healthy. It is hard for him to get the diet right sometimes and his is not health related. Diabetes whether it be type 1 or type 2 needs so much more understanding in society. Part of the reason I began my weight loss journey when I did was not just because I wanted to lose weight with the wedding coming up but because I didn't want my 3 kids growing up with 2 diabetic parents. As long as you know your dosages and can learn when to stop with the treats, you will be just fine.

    3. You are right there need to be more understanding. Diabetes is a huge and growing problem. I know unlike your hubby, my overeating and weight caused my diabetes. I am hoping if I can lose, Maybe I can get off the pills.

  3. Hey, Paul. Re: the insulin. I felt the same way. It is a common sentiment. People equate severity of diabetes w/ using or not using insulin. "Do you have to take insulin?" "No, it's not that bad. I only take pills." Is a typical exchange.

    Here's the thing. Insulin is better for you and your weight loss attempts and your freedom, in general.

    After years on pills, my body became intolerant to them. All of them. In fact, I had such a bad reaction to one (respratory distress) that I could have died.

    So, on insulin injections. Oh, NO! My diabeties if REAL and BAD! was my reaction.

    Here's what I found out. I no longer have to eat to feed the pills. With pills, one must eat regularly and on time or face hypoglycemia (Unless, of course, your glucose always runs high....which means that the pills aren't working.)

    There's no control with pills. You take your dose in the morning and deal with the results of that dose all day, or until you take your next pill.

    With insulin, you dose before each meal. In the morning I take one injection of a long lasting insulin and one injection of a short acting insulin. then I eat. If I don't feel like eating in four hours, I don't have to. I won't have a low glucose event.
    When I'm ready to eat, I take another dose. Simple as that.

    With the new "flexpens", you don't need syringes or vials. Just twist the end of a ballpoint pen looking affair and stick yourself with the tiny little needle.

    Going on insulin has given me so much more freedom than being on the pills.

    Just my 2 cents.


    1. Thanks for sharing that Deb. I actually never thought about it that way. I am hoping if I can lose enough weight I can get away from both the shots and the pills. It is just one more expense and one more hassle that I hope I can be rid of!

  4. Thanks for all the great comments.