Sunday, May 20, 2012

Working on the Top and Bottom

Let me just say the weather here in Michigan has been beautiful.  I have been taking advantage of it by getting out as much as I can and enjoying it.  Of course I am trying to use my outdoor time to further the old weight loss cause and am working on the top of me as well as the bottom.  For the bottom half,  I am bike riding further and further.  For the top half, I started rowing my little rowboat around.  In the video, I talk about where I am with my weight loss.  It's kind of funny because I get interrupted by several boats.  Anyway, all I know is finding things that I enjoy doing helps me to want to do my exercises!!


  1. just wondering; do you get paid for having the adds on your vids? Kind of a cool way to make some extra cash if you do :)

    1. Oh yes, Blip split 50/50 with you. I don't get many views ;( but some people do really good. You get a couple dollars for every thousand views. To me, it's just for fun...I might be able to buy lunch over a year lol.